How to avoid jet lag insomnia

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Why do we get jet lag insomnia?
Basically, your body clock is set to a 24-hour schedule that relates to the light and darkness of day and night. When you change time zones traveling your body clock is out of sync with the light and dark schedule at the new destination. To avoid jet lag wreaking havoc on your body, and giving you insomnia when you change time zones, you need to adjust your body clock to be in sync with the new destination.
How to avoid jet lag insomnia when traveling east
If you are traveling east, for example from the U.S.A. to Europe, when you arrive go for a walk in the sun and fuel your body with food, water and fresh air to stay awake.
Your could also try boosting your body’s own natural melatonin (sleep chemical), when it is time to go to sleep in your new destination. You can do this by taking a melatonin supplement a few hours before heading to bed…… or try eating some of these great food combinations that will help your bodies own natural melatonin production.
How to avoid jet lag insomnia when traveling west
If you are traveling west, for example from Europe to the U.S.A. when you arrive expose yourself to bright light in the evening. This will help you to stay up later so you will sleep longer in the morning. If you do wake up too early in the morning try not expose yourself to daylight. Stay relaxing in the dark, or do something restful in very dim light until it is a decent morning time to get up. Basically your internal morning cycle is ready before you need it to be, so hold it back if you can to help yourself get into sync.Buy Ambien No Prescription
Other tips to avoid jet lag insomnia
Stay hydrated during your flight, dehydration will make jet lag worse
Change your watch to the time of your destination as soon as you hop on board your flight
If you can, try to get your eating schedule on the flight in sync with the meal times of the desination you are going to
Try to get exposed to outdoor light, rather than artificial light when you arrive
If you can, start shifting your sleep schedule by a couple of hours each day before you travel
Only take short naps if you are sleepy the first few days after arrival, don’t sleep long hours during the day in the dark

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