Does Hypnosis work for insomnia?

Published by Angel Marsh on

Why use hypnosis for insomnia?
As we have discussed before, insomnia is often related to a combination of mind factors (racing mind, negative thoughts about sleep etc), body feelings (tension, anxious breathing etc) and behaviour factors (lack of bed routine, day napping etc).
Those behaviour factors are the more obvious ones, and can be easier to change, but sometimes the anxious mind and tense body can feel a bit more challenging. This is where hypnosis can be useful.
How can hypnosis help me sleep?
Hypnosis for sleep could actually be better described as a relaxation technique for your body with positive messages to calm your mind and to re-educate it to expect restful sleep when you go to bed.
Remember sleep is a natural state your body knows how to achieve already, and insomnia is a pattern of bad habits is has learned. These habits are very possible to change.
Do I need to see a therapist for sleep hypnosis?
You could see a therapist to experience a personal hypnotherapy session, but a good CD to listen to before you go to sleep can be just as effective.
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Take some easy positive action, gain some great life skills and learn how to do this for yourself. The “systematic body relaxation” and “visualization, while choosing a sleepy word” on this website are two very easy relaxation exercises you can teach yourself that are light forms of self hypnosis. Good luck and restful sleeping!

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