Five Easy Ways Improve Your Health

A lot of people thinks being healthy with being thin. The truth is bigger and easier than reaching a size 5 or a number on a scale. True health comes not with a number, but with a lifestyle: Live clearly, calmly and with nourishing food, activities and relationships. Do this and you will reach your goal weight healthfully, lower your chances of cancer, depression and cardiovascular conditions, and create the rich, fulfilling life we all crave.

To show you how easy it is to improve your health, here are some easy tips:

1. Drink a glass of water at room temperature upon waking. Your body needs water for every chemical reaction it performs. It also uses water to help create blood and lymph, as well as flush toxins from the body. Start up the day out right by giving your body just what it needs to hit the ground running and you’ll notice you have fewer cravings and more energy.

2. Get at least 30 minutes of movement in each day. Recent studies have shown most women and some men need daily exercise to lose and maintain weight loss. A half-hour of movement is easy to fit into even the busiest days and can burn calories, boost metabolism, tone, build muscle and improve mood. A brisk walk is ideal, as is a prolonged dance break, a quick swim or a trip to the gym. Just be sure to choose an activity you love you want to look forward to your daily fitness time!

3. Eat one salad a day. I tell my clients five or more servings of veggies a day for the best-looking skin and hair, most efficient metabolism and healthiest immune system. One of the easiest ways to deliciously fit in a number of veggies is a daily salad. Eat one with lunch, or make a dinner-size bowl and eat it as your evening meal.

4. Get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep nightly. Sleep is when your body repairs itself, it refreshes its nervous system and creates energy for the next day. It is also essential to a fast-moving metabolism and to help beat cravings. Studies have shown that the less sleep you get, the more calories you’re likely to consume. A sleepy body begins craving fast the fuel in the form of sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

5. Forgive. Carrying a grudge compromises your body’s immune, nervous and cardiovascular systems, which in turn can make you vulnerable to a range of health conditions from heart disease to depression to cancer.

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