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Methods of taking ambien

Drug called zolpidem is marketed under the brand name ambien. Sleep disorder called insomnia in medical science’s language is treated with this drug. This medicinal drug plays the role of a hypnotic or sedative. The chemicals present inside the brain which causes insomnia are affected by the medicinal drug in order to allow the body to relax and allow the consumer to fall asleep very fast. Physicians also prescribe this medicine for curing or treating other kinds of diseases but insomnia is the major illness that is treated with this medicine. In spite of it being commonly prescribed for insomnia you must not consume it without consulting your physician.

Various doses of ambien

Before you might start consuming ambien you must know what the various dosages of this medicinal drug are. Commonly this drug is found in three kinds of dosages. One of them being 10 mg; this is the highest dosage. The next two lesser levels of dosages are 6.25 mg and 5 mg. The dosage that is suitable for you would be best suggested by your doc. You can also follow the dosage as mentioned on the bottle of the medicine. However, you must always keep in mind that you should not take any quantity more than the prescribed dosage.

When to start or stop

It is always advisable that when you are consuming ambien you must not stop taking it suddenly. It is always right that you consult your physician even if while stopping the consumption. The prescription of the doctor always has every point mentioned in it regarding intake of the medicine. If you are confused get it clarified from the doctor or the pharmacist at the chemist shop.

How to take ambien?

Now that you have a clear idea about the dosage it is also important to know in what form the medicine should be consumed. If you are taking liquid i.e. syrup form of the medicine then you must have it with water. Tablets and also capsules must be swallowed in the whole form with water. It should never be chewed, grounded, etc while consuming. Otherwise the medicine would get released in huge quantity at once and would cause over dosage.